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Gearoid-Tara-Launch4This is a proud week for me and my family. Having spent every spare moment over the last few months writing recipes for my cookbook, between cooking a full service for the guests of The Olde Post Inn, doing demos and consultancy, not to mention a young and very active family, at last my cookbook, ‘My Gluten-free Kitchen’ is on the shelves! Wow!

It was a dark day when I learned of my diagnosis of Coeliac Disease. As a chef it felt like my world was crumbling around me. Suddenly so many of the meals that I loved and regularly enjoyed with my family were off the table. It took a while to get to grips with my diagnosis but slowly I began to reimagine all those dishes that I had been missing. Family favourites like the Sunday roast, sandwiches, pizza and cake! Launching my first cookbook ‘My Gluten-free Cookbook’ with Gill Books is truly the silver lining in that dark cloud.

This book is not another book detailing the ins and outs or ups and downs of coeliac disease. Very simply, it’s a cookbook, filled with scrumptious dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as lunchboxes, afternoon tea and more. The recipes just happen to not include gluten.

I hope to tempt you with my recipes for Buttermilk Scones, Camembert Quiche, Bacon and Cabbage Terrine and Apple and Pecan Crumble to name a few. I have also written a handy section on store-cupboard staples and basics, including gluten-free bread, pizza and pasta. With a few small adjustments, those with coeliac disease will no longer miss out on their favourite meals.

Writing this book has been an enjoyable experience that has allowed us to compile our recipes for others to enjoy. I frequently hear it said that a coeliac will know that food contains gluten or wheat because it will taste too good not to! I hope that this book will dispel that myth and that everybody, coeliac or not, will enjoy and delight in these recipes.

And when I told the kids that we were going to ‘launch’ the book this week, you know what they said… “Is it going on a rocket into outer-space Daddy?”

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